Penrose V.23




Penrose, named after the triangle, is our seasonal espresso blend. We feel the perfect espresso is an impossible goal, but we still strive to create it. Penrose is our ever-updated offering in the quest for the perfect espresso. While the seasonal components will vary throughout the year, it is always (nearly) perfect for your hopper.

Penrose seasonal espresso blend aims to:

  • be a reliable and consistent offering
  • be delicious with milk and without milk
  • maintain seasonality and farm-to-cup traceability
  • maintain a stable price point so it can be the main espresso on our bar and the bars of many of our wholesale partners
  • be easy to dial-in on an espresso grinder

Penrose also does well in the brewer – look for notes of lasting sweetness and heavy body, with a subdued acidity.



Sometimes our sourcing plans do align ever so perfectly. For v23, we combine our work in Guatemala with Los Volcanes and the beginning of our work in Ethiopia with Dambi Uddo AI. For three years now, we’ve purchased washed coffee from San Carlos, the neighboring farm to the wet mill operated by Los Volcanes. This coffee testifies to the consistency and quality of the Antigua region, intentional growing, and fantastic processing.

Dambi Uddo AI marks its first complete harvest with the 2018-2019 season. Active partner Ture Waji hosted us in Guji, Ethiopia in January of 2018. His focus on natural processing, the growers in Guji, and the environment were obvious. At that time, he represented his aunt and uncle’s stations at Mormora and Allona. So, when he established his own station in Guji this year, we partnered with Atlantic Specialty to bring part of his first natural crop to St. Louis. Husen Adem grows coffee near Ture’s collection station on six hectares of land. As a result of the partnership with Ture, we connected to our first single-farm Ethiopian coffee. This just goes to show that maintaining relationships and some patience can pay off.



chocolate, blueberry, earthy, heavy-bodied, brown sugar

Producer 78%:
San Carlos Estate
Country 78%:
Region 78%:
Process 78%:
Sourcing Partner 78%:
Los Volcanes (mill & exporter)
Sourcing Partner 78%:
Royal Coffee N.Y. (importer)
Producer 22%:
Husen Adem
Country 22%:
Region 22%:
Odo Shakiso, Guji
Process 22%:
Sourcing Partners 22%:
Dambi Uddo AI PLC (station)
Sourcing Partners 22%:
Atlantic Specialty (importer)
Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, 74110
October 2018 – February 2019
Penrose v23 Cut Sheet
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