At Blueprint Coffee, we aim to create a new framework for the way coffee is bought and sold among businesses. For too long, these relationships have been based solely on convenience, favors, and equipment loans. Blueprint Coffee’s wholesale partners don’t simply buy great coffee, but they enter into a mutually beneficial business relationship. We support this relationship by ensuring that three aspects are always present in each relationship.



Let’s face it, buying Blueprint beans won’t magically make the coffee taste better at your restaurant or café. Along with providing great beans, we provide great wholesale support. We will ensure that proper equipment and training are in place so that your customers won’t notice any quality difference between a cup of Blueprint Coffee brewed at your coffee bar versus one brewed at ours. Simply put, we won’t sell our coffee just to advance our profits. We’ll only sell our coffee to partners who are dedicated to quality standards that mirror ours. Every potential wholesale partnership starts with a thorough needs assessment detailing how to build more delicious coffee experience.


We don’t want our wholesale partners to buy our coffee simply because it tastes better than the alternatives. We also want them to buy it because it will make their businesses more profitable. We will use our collective 30-plus years of coffee retailing experience to make sure Blueprint Coffee is marketed, priced, and purchased responsibly, which will increase not only your quality, but also your bottom line.


Not only do we care that you are happy and satisfied with your Blueprint wholesale partnership, but we also care about your end customer’s satisfaction. With keen ears and ready hands, we’ll make sure that we understand your business and your customer demographics. Our experience allows us to adjust our strategy so that you have satisfied customers. Choosing Blueprint Coffee should increase satisfaction across the board. Whether it’s hosting coffee events for your customers or showing you how to use our online ordering system, we aim to lead our industry in satisfied wholesale partners.


  • Do you have order minimums?

    We have no order minimums! We do not base our wholesale partnerships on quantity, but instead on a mutually dedication to quality.

  • What is your roast schedule?

    Currently, we roast Monday thru Friday. Sunday evenings sometime serve as a head start for a big roast day on Monday. We ship the coffee via USPS and UPS on Monday afternoon. We deliver local orders the day after they are roasted. Local orders submitted Friday-Monday will not be delivered until Wednesday (we currently do not have a delivery route on Tuesdays). If this delay presents an issue, please consider the pickup option. Those wholesale orders placed between 7:01am Friday morning and 7:00am Monday order can be picked up at our Delmar location on Tuesdays if will call is selected.

    To have your coffee roasted on a production day, orders must be submitted by 7am either by emailing [email protected] OR by submitting an order through our web store. Orders placed after 7am will be placed into production on the following roast day.

  • Can I get free shipping?

    Locally, we offer free delivery on orders over $100. Beyond our local region, we offer free shipping via UPS ground on orders over $250.

  • What are the benefits besides great coffee?

    All of our coffees are seasonal and traceable. We offer lots of information on our labels and on our website to let you know what we do (or sometimes don’t) know about our coffees. In addition, we aim to offer coffees in a wide selection of price ranges so that you can have quality coffees available for a range of brewing applications and price points. Our training team is made up of former regional barista champions and national barista championship finalists. Before establishing an account, we conduct an initial needs assessment to figure out how the relationship between your business and ours can be the most successful. We then aim to follow up on this conversation at least every six months.

    Locally, we provide monthly quality assurance visits at no cost for accounts ordering over $250 of coffee per month. At these visits, our team will assess coffee and espresso based on taste and quantitative TDS and extraction analysis. In addition, we provide free technical service labor on all equipment purchased from Blueprint and being used to make Blueprint products. We highly encourage our partners to establish a semi-annual preventative service schedule with our tech team to keep equipment in top shape.

    For our regional and national accounts, we offer these same quality assurances and technical service benefits to partners purchase an average of $1,000 of coffee per month on a semi-annual basis.

  • I need equipment to make coffee, can you help?

    We can help outfit your business with the best equipment in the industry. Currently, we distribute the following brands: La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Mahlkönig, Marco, BUNN, Hario, Optipure, and Baratza.

  • Can you help me make the coffee better at my office?

    We love to help offices enjoy better coffee. This can be quite challenging, as most office setups are serviced by large distributors that provide brewing equipment free of charge. Unfortunately, this is something we cannot do. If you are interested in attaining new equipment or already own your own brewing equipment, please feel free to reach out. We have a number of solutions for small (1 person) to large (200+ team members) offices.

  • I want to serve Blueprint Coffee at my restaurant/coffee bar/office, but my current provider gives me all my equipment for free. If I switch to Blueprint, you’ll do the same, right?

    Unfortunately, we do not lease or lend equipment. We are a small company and we reserve most of our capital for tying up the best lots of green coffee. We would love the opportunity to work with your business and we have some creative solutions for affording the right equipment to make great coffee and avoiding items that will only drag on your bottom line.

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