Order fulfillment schedule

Orders placed from 7:00am Friday thru 6:59am Monday will be processed, roasted, and shipped by Monday. Pickup orders will be available at our HQ location at or after 9:00am Tuesday. Wholesale orders placed for local delivery will be delivered on Tuesday.

Orders placed from 7:00am Monday thru 6:59am Tuesday will be processed, roasted, and shipped by Tuesday. Pickup orders will be available at our HQ location at or after 9:00am on Wednesday. Wholesale orders placed for local delivery will be delivered on Wednesday.

Orders placed from 7:00am Tuesday thru 6:59am Wednesday will be processed, roasted, and shipped by Wednesday. Pickup orders will be available at our HQ location at or after 9:00am Thursday. Wholesale orders placed for local delivery will be delivered on Thursday.

Orders placed from 7:00am Wednesday thru 6:59am Thursday will be processed, roasted, and shipped by Thursday. Pickup orders will be available at our HQ location at or after 9:00am Friday. Wholesale orders placed for local delivery will be delivered on Friday.

Orders placed from 7:00am Thursday thru 6:59am Friday will be processed, roasted, and shipped by Friday. Pickup orders will be available at our HQ location at or after 9:00am Monday. Any wholesale orders that select “delivery” will be delivered at some point the following week as we do not have a delivery route on Saturdays.

Local Wholesale Customers will by default be roasted on your normal roast day, which is established with our customer service team. If you need an order outside of your normal weekly roast/delivery day, please make sure to leave a note in the “comments” box upon checkout.

Nationwide and local subscriptions will be migrated to a roasting/shipping day of the week for your specific zip code. Reach out to orders at blueprintcoffee dot com if you have any questions or concerns.



Blueprint Coffee’s flat rate shipping is available for all orders at a rate of $5.50/item or 10% of the order total for orders over $55. Free Shipping is available on most products for orders exceeding $250.00. Blueprint Coffee reserves the right to use the carrier of its choosing for Blueprint Coffee’s Flat Rate and Free Shipping. Typically, the carrier for smaller residential deliveries will be USPS Ground Advantage or USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground for wholesale shipments. Wholesale orders within the St. Louis metro area are also eligible for local delivery. The price for local deliveries is $5 for orders less than $100. For orders over $100, local deliveries are free. We reserve the right to use 3rd party carriers for local deliveries.

To see estimated ground shipping times from Blueprint Coffee, please see the UPS map (https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwrsxyye7kygphp/UPS-ground-63130.pdf?dl=0). Priority Mail, though less reliable than UPS ground, is often a faster delivery method. For estimated time-in-transit from Blueprint Coffee, see this map (https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/pvfx9yb6ubot9yg7b6h0o/USPS-Ground-Adv-Trans-Nov2023.pdf?rlkey=tmclhwt94yit4q7hwhinazzne&dl=0). Please note, shipments leave Blueprint on the shipping day corresponding with the time you order (see first seven paragraphs of this page), even if you select Next Day, 2-day, or 3-day options.

Blueprint Coffee tries not collect or capture payment on orders until it has verified stock of the product ordered and the shipping rate. Blueprint Coffee may adjust shipping charges should the items weigh more or less than the amount estimated during the initial order. Changes to these charges will be sent to the customer via email in an “order note.”

Tracking information will be sent via email once it has been entered for an order. It can also be located in the “Orders” tab of the “My Account” page if you have created a blueprintcoffee.com username and placed the order with that account.


Lost or problematic orders

To edit or report an issue with your order, contact our orders department at [email protected] – if you have not received an email correspondence by 10:00am CST regarding the issue on the scheduled processing date, contact our wholesale department at 314.266.6808 x3 (M-F).

Packages that are damaged or lost should be reported to [email protected] – please include your order number when reporting lost packages. If the package or product is damaged, please submit photos of the exterior and interior of the packaging along with photos of any damaged products. Please retain damaged products and packaging until we have settled the claim as some carriers will want to collect the damaged parcel. We will replace the package at no cost.

If you are unsatisfied with a purchase for any reason, contact [email protected] with the nature of the issue and your order number. Considering coffee beans and tea are products that degrade with time and vary in taste based on origin and style, we do not refund orders for coffee beans or tea. Instead, we will try to replace orders for beans or tea that do not match your drinking preferences. We suggest consuming coffee within four weeks from the roast date. We suggest consuming tea by the date marked on the bottom of the package. Complaints about flavor quality after these time periods will not be honored with a refund or exchange.

For issues with products other than coffee beans and tea, please contact us with the nature of the issue. We will provide a 100% refund on unopened merchandise that is returned in new condition within 60 days of the purchase. To process a return, please email [email protected] with the order number and product information that you would like to return. We will respond with shipping instructions. Blueprint Coffee will not be responsible for return shipping charges. We will make every effort possible to repair, replace, or refund defective products that have been opened according to the manufacturer’s warranty policy. These warranty processes vary and are included, when available, within product packaging


Wholesale Partners retailing bags of coffee

We ask that wholesale partners who retail coffee bags of Blueprint Coffee join us in our practice of keeping retail bags on the shelf no longer than two weeks from the roast date indicated on the bag. Coffee that remains on the shelf longer than two weeks will still taste great, but it limits the ability of the end consumer to fully enjoy the coffee. We demand that all bags are removed from the retail shelf no later than one month from the roast date. The Blueprint Coffee wholesale team will attempt to train and assist with methods for rotating coffee to assure old retail beans do not become a problem. We ask all partners to share this goal that will make our businesses mutually successful. This freshness creates a great advantage for high-end consumers to buy coffee from your shelves rather than the grocery store.


Wholesale Partner Discounts

Bulk or Exclusive Discount

Wholesale partners who make orders of $400 or more can receive a 4% discount on coffee beans on these orders by using the coupon code “bulk4” at checkout. To receive this discount, it must be entered at the time of purchase and the order must be placed through the website. For assistance with web ordering, please contact one of our wholesale service reps or email [email protected]

Wholesale partners within 30 miles of Blueprint who exclusively brew Blueprint Coffee/Espresso and Kilogram Tea at their establishments are also eligible for a 4% discount on coffee beans. This discount cannot be applied concurrently with the 4% bulk discount. If you qualify for exclusive wholesale partner discount, please contact your wholesale service rep to get a specific discount code for your account. Exclusive discount rates are only available for orders placed through the website and entered at the time of purchase.

Training Discount

Wholesale partners who have a manager or lead barista on staff that has completed our Core and Professional Level training courses are eligible for a 4% discount on coffee beans. If you believe you are eligible, please contact your wholesale service representative. Just like the exclusive and bulk discounts, this will be a coupon code that must be entered at the time of purchase and only available on web orders. It can be used along with a bulk or exclusive discount.



Wholesale partner categories for services

For services offered by Blueprint Coffee, we categorize our wholesale partnerships into the following categories.

Super Partners:



General Partners:




Super Partners:


General Partners:


Coffee Equipment Service

Standard Rates


Super Partners:


General Partners: