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Finca Tamana, Colombia – Instant Coffee


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We’re featuring traceable specialty coffee from Finca Tamana, Colombia for our seventh release of Instant Coffee. We collaborated with Swift Cup Coffee to bring this offering to market. Just tear open a packet, mix it with about 10 ounces of hot or cold water, and stir. The resulting brew is the next best thing to a freshly brewed cup at one of our coffee bars.

Are you doing a double take at this product? That makes sense because most freeze-dried/instant coffee is absolutely terrible. That is because the worst of the worst coffee is used to make most of the products in the grocery stores. We have been tasting soluble coffee from other roasters and have been impressed with the results. Our R&D process was lengthy and we found the brewing and dehydration process used by Swift Cup offered the best representation of our coffees. 

The specialty instant Finca Tamana coffee from Colombia is an amazing alternative to all those times when you can’t get to a Blueprint Coffee Bar or you don’t have your scale, dripper, and burr grinder with you. Some great situations for Blueprint Instant:

  • Camping
  • Smoothies
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Visiting your parents over the holiday…..(we see you 26-month-old can of store brand)
  • The office
  • A pack in the glove box for road trips
  • In your purse/bag for when you can’t make it to the coffee shop before work
  • Tucked into a saddle bag to turn that water bottle into a cold brew along your century ride
  • On a long flight
  • Hotel rooms



This is the sixth harvest we have purchased from Elias Roa Parra’s Finca Tamana. It has been a privilege to share in this partnership and witness the transformation of his farm over time. When Elias first purchased Finca Tamana, his family lived in a makeshift shelter on the land while planting their first crops. Today, the farm employs approximately 50 workers during the harvest season to collect coffee cherries on 40 hectares of cultivated land.

Meeting the high-quality sorting and processing standards of the specialty coffee market requires skill, refinement, and knowledge. First, harvesters separate ripe vs. unripe cherries by visual appearance. Then, they place the ripe coffee cherries in a pool of water for 12 hours, changing the water out 2-3 times. If cherries float, this indicates that they are not dense enough with sugars, and the harvesters skim them out. The seeds are then removed via the washed process and transported to a drying room for 25-30 days.

Elias is grateful for the harvesters who work at Finca Tamana, saying their relationship is one of “great friendship.” According to Elias, the farm places importance on paying competitive wages and providing good food and hospitality to its workers. It is not easy to find people who can do skilled processing, so Elias credits his employees as the ones who ultimately make the business grow. With distinct sweetness and a rich, nuanced flavor profile, this Colombian coffee is medium bodied and delivers hints of cherry, maple, and toasted nuts.



cherry, maple, toasted nuts, plum, brown sugar

El Pital, Huila
1700 – 1800 MASL
Washed, Freeze Dried
Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
June – August 2022
Partnership Length:
6th Harvest
Sourcing Partners:
Elias Roa Parra (farmer), Osito (exporter & importer)
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