Tektōn (Seasonal Blend)

$19.25 – $38.50



orange blossom, vanilla, brown sugar


The seasonal and transparent coffee blend, Tektōn, chases a difficult goal – highlighting complexity while being approachable. Tektōn satisfies the novice or experienced coffee lover. Regular coffee changes throughout the year maintain balance and seasonality.

We commit ourselves to exhibiting the qualities of one of the most flavorful beverages in the world. To do so, we create and construct balanced, intoxicating, and special flavor experiences. Our single origin offerings are delicious and complete by themselves, but blending creates something new and unique. French wine and cocktails, like the Sazerac, guide us. By adding a small amount of five ingredients (sugar, bitters, lemon, absinthe, ice), a serving of whiskey becomes a new experience. This is a different, yet delicious, taste experience than that offered by any neat pour.

Tektōn, a seasonal coffee blend, compliments our single origin offerings. It matches the integrity of those offerings by remaining a seasonal coffee with a transparent supply chain. We embrace the future insight and taste experiences Tektōn will provide.

Version 21 blends San Carlos, Guatemala and Gedeb, Ethiopia – both washed coffees. San Carlos comes via our long-time relationship with Los Volcanes in Antigua, Guatemala. The coffee from Gedeb is sourced through another long-time partner, Moplaco, in Ethiopia. To us, this blend is sort of like when your best friends get married – awesome as individuals, but even better together. Lots of orange blossom and sweetness in this cup. 





Country 70%:
Producer 70%:
Finca San Carlos
Region 70%:
Process 70%:
Sourcing Partner 70%:
Los Volcanes (mill/exporter), Royal Coffee NY (importer)
Country 30%:
Producer 30%:
Small-holder farmers
Region 30%:
Gedeb, Gedeo
Process 30%:
Sourcing Partner 30%:
Moplaco (mill/exporter), CCS (importer)
Heirloom Bourbon, Ethiopian Landraces
October 2019 – March 2020
Cut Sheet - Tektōn v21
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Brew Tag - Tektōn v21
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