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brown sugar, citrus, florals, stone fruit, chocolate

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** fans of our former blend, Primary Series: Yellow, will find a similar flavor profile in this revised version of Tektōn **



brown sugar, citrus, florals, stone fruit, chocolate


A tektōn is an artisan or builder. This foundational filter blend presents balance as a quality that isn’t boring. Instead, it features supporting amounts of sweetness and acidity. Just as in our coffees, we seek balance between enduring business practices and support for our community.

Tektōn is a balanced coffee blend and a staple in our lineup, alongside several single origin offerings. It matches the integrity of those selections with a transparent supply chain. To create the flavor profile, we blend two coffees. First, we source a sweet and balanced washed coffee. Then, we add an equal amount of something a bit more floral and fruity. This makes Tektõn satisfying for both novice and experienced palates. It offers enough complexity to please any coffee aficionado without overwhelming someone seeking a solid cup of coffee.

The purchase of Tektōn supports local charities in the St. Louis area. Each quarter, we select a charity that will receive $1 for every pound of Tektōn we sell. The current benefiting charity, along with the coffee and blend ratios used to make Tektōn, can be found on our blends page.





Sourcing information:
visit our blends page at blueprintcoffee.com/blends
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