Introducing the Primary Series Coffee Blends

Blueprint Coffee proudly introduces our new collection of coffee blends — the Primary Series. Roasted to deliver consistent flavor profiles year-round, the Primary Series is now available at select grocers.

Much like the three primary colors are the building blocks of art, our Primary Series represents three essential coffee flavor profiles:

Roasting great coffee is what we do. But we also believe that doing so requires mutually beneficial relationships starting at the farms, sourcing the best lots of green coffee, and a commitment to sustainability and transparency.

To maintain these standards, we’re often required to make quick changes, which can be challenging when working with large retailers. This is why we developed the Primary Series. Each coffee in the collection will be adapted by our roasters in order to deliver its unique profile year-round. In this way, we are able to make quality coffee available in even more places.

For the coffee curious, a URL on each bag links to traceable information on our website.


Find the Primary Series

In addition to ordering Red, Yellow, and Blue on our website, you can find the Primary Series at the following retail locations:


Information for New Retailers

Blueprint Coffee’s wholesale and retail partners don’t simply buy great coffee, but they enter into a mutually beneficial business relationship. If you are interested in offering Blueprint Coffee at your grocery store, retail location, restaurant, or café, we’d love to start the conversation. Learn more about our wholesale coffee opportunities and contact us, here.