Blueprint Custom Nalgene Bottle


The iconic 32-fluid-ounce (1-liter) Nalgene water bottle ruled the early oughts (2000’s). With the resurgence of middle parts, Dr. Martens, and overalls, we’re getting ahead of the curve and releasing the Blueprint Custom Nalgene Bottle. This way we’re right on time to ride the next trend while allowing for stylish transportation of cold beverages. It holds iced coffee, iced tea, water, or most any liquid that suits your fancy.

Our talented Delmar barista, Ashley Dougherty, created the artwork for the bottle. Find more of her great work @residentialghost

Some of our favorite uses of the Blueprint Custom Nalgene Bottle:

  • getting the Linear Cold Brew growler refill price at any Blueprint Coffee Bar and having it filled up with delicious cold coffee
  • transporting an entire bottles-worth of wine in a bag or on a hike when the weight and fragility of a bottle aren’t ideal
  • mixing large batch cocktails (“Beauty in precision”)
  • filling it with two iced lattes and pouring them out for friends at a picnic
  • carrying a liter of water on a hike (make sure to attach that iconic loop to your backpack with a carabiner!)

Long live the early oughts!