Single Origin Coffee Sampler Subscription

$38.00 every month
1st bag free w/ a $38.00 deposit



Our single origin coffee sampler subscription features three of our single origin coffees in each shipment. So, it’s a great way to experience the variety of flavors available from different origins. Alternatively, use it to reward the coffee lover in your life. The subscription will include three single origin coffees currently available in our lineup at that time. We will do our best to keep as much variety in the box as possible – our single origin coffees typically last 2-3 months and we currently only carry four at a time.

Plus, we’re now shipping the first single origin coffee sampler in your subscription for free! And you’ll never pay for shipping.

This box includes:

  • Three (3) bags of single origin coffee, weighing 8oz. each.
  • One (1) screen-printed box
  • Three (3) cut sheets that include information about each of the coffees

Make sure to select the “free shipping” options when checking out to avoid paying additional shipping. Currently, the single origins sampler is only available in whole bean. The deposit is a prepayment for the last sampler of your subscription. Once you subscribe, manage shipping details and payment methods through the “my account” link.

If you’d like to prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months of a subscription, visit our page for our normal sampler and select the appropriate length from the drop-down menu.

Varies - 3 bags per box

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