Pay-as-you-go Subscription

From: $19.00 / week and a $19.00 deposit

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Not sure which coffee to pick? Let us pick for you and we’ll cover the cost of shipping. Join our Roaster’s Choice Pay-as-you-go Coffee Subscription and receive a beautiful selection of our coffees as often and as ample as needed. The subscription will rotate among all our coffees. Most will be our single origin selections from around the world. If you have taste preferences, just include them in the “notes” section of the checkout page and we can adjust your coffee subscription to your desired profile.

For example, you can specify options in the notes like:

“Single origin only”
“This is a gift, don’t send until June 18”
“I like blends”
“Penrose only”
“I like it bright.”
“I usually add milk to my coffee.”

The “sign-up fee” is a deposit on your last bag of coffee. If you cancel your subscription, we’ll send you a final bag of coffee without charging your card. Therefore, you’re only committing to two bags of coffee. Tell us to stop or change frequency anytime through the “my account” page.

Price includes shipping when you select “BPC Flat Rate” at checkout.

Looking to gift a subscription or prepay for the whole thing? Try out our prepaid subscriptions.

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