Hario V60 Brewing Set


This brewing set from Hario is an awesome quick entry into hand-brewing coffee. It includes:

  • 1 x clear plastic 02 size V60 dripper
  • 1 x glass 02 size decanter with plastic handle and lid
  • 1 x starer pack of 02 size filters
  • 1 x plastic coffee scoop

While plastics aren’t what we like to promote at Blueprint, when it comes to heat retention, these brewers do a better job than glass or metal for brewing, so many coffee pros prefer them.

This is a great starting point for hand-brewing coffee. We have a blog and guide to help you along the way. To really round out this set to build an ultimate home-brewing setup, consider a Bonavita 1.0L gooseneck kettle, a Hario Drip Scale, and a Baratza Virtuoso+ grinder.

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