Phase 3: COVID-19 precautions – Coffee Bars closing

This post serves as the latest Blueprint Coffee update to operations due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Unfortunately, this post informs you that our coffee bar operations will be suspended starting tomorrow, March 24. We came to this decision after much dialogue and deliberation. We just couldn’t keep asking our staff to come to work as if our retail operations are more essential than the health of our team. In addition, this decision promotes the public health within our communities. Our roastery will remain in operation with only ownership working within the space at Delmar to continue fulfilling website, grocery, and wholesale orders. (UPDATE AS OF MARCH 30: WE ARE CONTINUING TO ROAST AND SHIP ORDERS, BUT ARE ONLY ROASTING ON MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS. WE WILL RESUME OUR WEDNESDAY ROAST DAY WHEN BUSINESS RETURNS TO NORMAL).

The most challenging part of this decision was trying to figure out how to protect the financial well-being of our team. Around 25% of our team has paid time off, but for those who do not we are paying a stipend to help them get through this time. Come April 2, we hope to reopen or be in a place where our company qualifies for federal or state assistance. 

The support we have seen over the last week and a half is truly humbling. If you have the means, please keep sending those orders through our website. Every order we roast is less money we will need to borrow in order to keep supporting our staff. We love you, St. Louis. Let’s get through this together.

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