“Penrose for the Pros” Barista Relief Program and Fundraiser

Over the past few weeks, COVID-19 has changed our business significantly at Blueprint Coffee. But while operations at our three coffee bars are suspended, we’ve been fortunate to have our 83-year-old, German-made coffee roaster cranking out website orders. Combined with the overwhelming support of our community during our weekend pop-ups, our roaster allows us to keep our staff employed for the time being.

Many of our wholesale partners are also temporarily closed. Without a roastery or other means to continue doing business, they’ve been forced to make the extremely difficult decision to furlough their employees.

As a result, we have a surplus of coffee and one very important fundraising goal.


Provide COVID-19 Relief for Local Baristas

Blueprint Coffee is proud to announce the launch of our fundraiser: “Penrose for the Pros.” We’re now offering our signature Penrose espresso blend to the public for bulk purchases — with a portion of each sale dedicated to a relief fund for baristas who are currently out of work.

Here’s the plan:

Any barista who has experienced job loss or reduction of income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can apply for financial aid through Penrose for the Pros. Click here to apply.

Accepted applicants will be awarded up to $300, based on a percentage of the impact to their most recent wages. While employees of Blueprint Coffee wholesale partners will receive priority, any barista can apply for this aid program.


About Our Penrose Espresso Blend

Why Penrose for the Pros? We’re glad you asked.

Blueprint’s Penrose espresso blend is the most popular bean sold to our wholesale partners. It’s the same coffee our baristas use in the café to make your lattés, cappuccinos and other delicious, handcrafted beverages. And while our wholesale partners are needing less Penrose on hand these days, we can’t let these perfectly good beans go to waste. Buy a bag and support local baristas, today!

Penrose espresso blend is delicious with or without milk. Tasters should anticipate:

Our Penrose espresso pairs well with buttery pastries, creamy beverages or a glass of your favorite sparkling water.


Thank You for Supporting Blueprint Coffee

In these challenging times, we appreciate your decision to support our local operations and our team of talented baristas. Blueprint Coffee has been a proud member of the St. Louis community since we opened our first location on the Delmar Loop in 2013. And we can’t wait to welcome the public back inside our coffee bars when it is safe to gather again.

A portion of all sales of our Penrose espresso blend will be added to our new barista relief fund, “Penrose for the Pros.” Remember, you can also donate to this fund through a virtual tip jar via our online store along with coffee, tea and Blueprint merchandise.

Please share this opportunity with the barista in your life who may be experiencing financial difficulties. If you have any questions about this program, please contact blueprintcoffee@gmail.com.