Origin Report: Kimel PB 2016 Offering

Why do I like this coffee? It’s a fair question, considering that coffees from the Asia-Pacific Islands generally lack clarity and sweetness. So what prompted a barista cupping Kimel PB to ask this question? What makes this one likeable? Like all great coffees, Kimel PB is made up of good varieties that are grown at high altitudes, picked when ripe, and processed with precision. Most coffees in Southeast Asia do not possess all of these three crucial components.

Hand-picked coffee cherries are gathered along mountain slopes by the trailer full at Kimel Estate.

The Kimel Estate, located in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, was established by Australian expatriates in 1974. Since, it has been turned back over to local owners, many of whom are part of the Opais tribe. Their efforts toward ethical employment practices, quality growing and processing, and environmental sustainability started in the mid-1970s and continue to this day. The estate now employs 432 workers. All workers and their dependents are provided housing, clean water, schooling, and medical care. The estate gets its name from the Kimel River, from which it draws water used for the wet mill.

This lot is a combination of peaberries from the many varieties growing at the Kimel Estate. We did not choose it because it was a peaberry, but rather because it offers rich complexity and sweetness. Look for notes of baking spice, earth, red fruit, and baker’s chocolate. This is our second straight year offering Kimel Estate through our partnership with Royal Coffee N.Y.

Coffee Info:
Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Banz, Western Highlands
Altitude: 1580 MASL
Process: Washed
Harvest: March – August 2015
Variety: Mundo Novo, Blue Mtn.
IMPORTER: Royal Coffee N.Y.

Suggested Parameters:
Drip Ratio: 1:16
Espresso Ratio: 1:2.5
We Taste: tart red fruit, savory spice, baker’s cocoa


Photos of Kimel Estate provided by Royal Coffee N.Y.