Yep, we’ve got special stuff in december, too.

The holidays are quickly approaching and the coffee is jumping off of our shelves. If you’re ordering online, make sure to have your orders placed by tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 11:59 p.m. to ensure delivery before Christmas. In case you’re looking for some coffee goodies for someone you love, we have a gift card promotion, suggested brewing kits, and a special new online offering you might like to know about.

First, we are offering a free $10 Blueprint Gift Card for every $50 spent on coffee beans or brewing equipment purchased in-store. Give the gift card as a gift, or keep it for yourself to kickstart that new-year’s resolution to only drink black coffee.

Second, we have a number of suggested kits in-store for the home brewer.

Our “Maintain Your Love” kit is great for the coffee lover in your life that already seems to have everything. It’s a thorough cleaning kit with a delicious coffee that will really shine once all the oil has been cleaned off.

The “Pro-Team Brewing Kit” includes everything we use in-store to brew coffee (except the grinder….too many options to pick from there).

The “Home (Brewing) Improvement” kit includes a scale, kettle, and Karimukui. Three items to really step-up your home game.

The “Starter Kit” includes a v60, filters, and coffee. Three essential items to start a journey to deliciousness.

The “Blueprint Supporter Kit” is a great option if you’re a tried-and-true fan. It includes our new Insulated 12oz Klean Kanteen and two bags of coffee.

Last, we are in the final testing phase for our coffee subscription service. We have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. It is unlike other coffee subscriptions, as it allows you to receive coffee on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and bills you with each bag of coffee instead of up front. We hope that you can work Blueprint into your budget. We plan to launch it this week and will send another quick blast when it is live. Thanks for your patience!