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Moccamaster KBGV Coffee Brewer


We recently partnered with Moccamaster to source the new (to Blueprint) KBGV coffee brewer. The KBGV quickly rose to prominence a few years ago when they became available in a wide variety of colors. Next to a Kitchenaide stand mixer, this brewer is a must-have for the culinary-minded home chef.

Moccamaster’s history goes back much further than this color craze, though. Built in the Netherlands by Technivorm, the Moccamaster achieved the SCA’s gold standard rating before most brewers were even in the design phase. Their consistent quality and admiration in the specialty coffee circle mad the decision to source their brewers easy, especially since the supply of our Bonavita line of brewers became increasingly challenging during the pandemic.

We stock two colors of the KBGV (Midnight Blue -and- Orange) and can drop ship any other color directly to your door in approximately 1-2 weeks.

The KBGV features a sleek glass carafe that holds up to 1.25L of water. It stays warm atop a warmer that keeps coffee at 170-180F, avoiding overheating the coffee. In addition, a selector switch between full and half batches allows for ideal brewing for either a large or small pot. The brewer is backed by Moccamaster’s 5-year warranty.

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