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Chemex Coffeemaker (6-cup)


The iconic Chemex Coffeemaker has earned its place in many kitchens and the Museum of Modern Art for its ease of use and beautiful design. In 1941, the Chemex debuted, and its design has remained largely unchanged. In the top of the hourglass shaped brewer, a filter is inserted, followed by coffee grounds. As water is slowly poured over the grounds, it brews and drips below. Then, after discarding the grounds, the Chemex serves as its own beautiful decanter.

The 6-cup model works well for making 20-30 fl. oz. (600-900 mL) of coffee. Enough to share or fill up a large thermal cup if you’re on the go.

The brewer requires Chemed-Specific filters, like these pre-folded Chemex filter squares.

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