STLxBPC: Union Loafers Café & Bread Bakery

We’ve known Ted Wilson and Sean Netzer, the gentlemen behind Union Loafers in Saint Louis, for nearly a decade. Throughout this time, we’ve know them not only as good coffee people, but also as good people. Their passion for hospitality, food, and drink is evident after only a brief visit to wherever they are working.

A partron at Union Loafers in Saint Louis drinks a cup of coffee at the bar.

Ted first impressed us with his baking and charm as the head pizzaiolo at The Good Pie. Not only was he an integral part of creating their amazing crust (still available at Randolfi’s), but his personality was a large part of what drew us down to Olive Street on so many Saturday nights. At some point along the line, Sean poured us a delicious craft beer at that same establishment. Before we knew it, we were making coffee on nearly a daily basis for Sean, Ted, and their gaggle of friends.

An inviting turkey and swiss sandwich waits on the bar at Union Loafers in Saint Louis.

When we first heard about the idea for Union Loafers, we were ecstatic. Ted had been baking a couple of delicious hearth breads at The Good Pie and also working wonders out of his parent’s kitchen. Those tests were graciously gifted to many staff parties around town. On top of that, Sean would have free reign to build a bar showcasing his great taste in beer, wine, spirits, and service.


We knew long ago that Sean and Ted would bring a focused approach to baking, namely their naturally leavened breads, while maintaining an establishment that was friendly and inviting.

The dining room at Union Loafers in Saint Louis is simple, bright, and inviting.

Now almost a half year into fruition, it’s hard to imagine Saint Louis without Union Loafers. It has become a regular stop after weekly wholesale deliveries. Where else can you comfortably (e.g. ample natural light, inviting staff) snag a bar seat at 2:30pm on a Friday afternoon and simultaneously enjoy a slice of pizza rossa, a Busch Bavarian, and a cup of Alvaro Losada? Beyond the basics, Loafer’s offers a tremendous menu of sandwiches, soups, breads, and beers. We insist that you start every meal with a Little Gem Salad. After that, it’s hard to make a mistake with any additional menu selections, but the Ham & Cheddar or Roasted Beet sandwiches are our favorites. Alternately, swing by with the kids after school and grab a slice of cheesy bread and pretzels for a perfect afternoon snack. If you’e in need of a loaf for the house, check out the sunflower rye. It’s great lightly toasted and dipped in olive oil as a simple breakfast.

A server refills water bottles behind the bar.

Union Loafers is located in the Botanical Heights neighborhood of St. Louis at 1629 Tower Grove Ave. Currently, Loafers is open Tuesday thru Sunday. Lunch is served from 11am-3pm and retail bread is available from 11am until 6pm, or until bread has sold out for the day.