STLxBPC: Half & Half

Half & Half has been committed to quality coffee since long before we even dropped our first batch at Blueprint. Their upscale-diner approach to service is so appealing: serve great food & drink, use quality ingredients, and keep a format that is accessible to so many. It was pretty amazing that they committed to serving our coffee before we even had a working business. Their demand for large amounts of great coffee kept our roaster filled for those first few months of business in late 2013.

Since opening in 2011, Half & Half has been committed to serving a rotating menu of single origin coffees. We started our Special Selection program with them in 2014, in which members of their team select green coffees that are sold exclusively at Half & Half in a co-branded bag. In addition, their coffee menu features pour-over and espresso offerings from great roasters around the country. It definitely keeps brunch more interesting.

The challenge to eating at Half & Half is stopping. To start, enjoy a Fried Egg Sandwich and a drip coffee by yourself at the bar. Only then can you thoroughly enjoy the way the over-easy egg’s yolk ruptures on your first bite and becomes the perfect dipping sauce for the rest of the sandwich. Their bar crew will be quick to grab you an extra napkin. If you’re still feeling hungry, don’t miss the Fried Chicken Livers. They are a dish I was skeptical to try the first time, but was immediately curious why I hadn’t been eating chicken livers for my whole life. The livers are incredibly intense in flavor, so if you want to be able to taste a coffee, go for an espresso.

Now, I often overhear folks waiting for table at Half & Half grumbling about the crowd and length of the wait, but if you want a brunch of this caliber on the weekend, you’re going to have to wait. Instead of giving up, make an event out of your visit. Great coffee and cocktails are available from the bar while you wait for your table, and the patio and neighboring businesses are a great way to pass time. Alternatively, visit Tuesday-Thursday and your wait will be short (or non-existent).

Half and Half is located at 8135 Maryland Ave. in Clayton. They are open Tues.-Fri. from 7am to 2pm and Sat.-Sun. 8am-2pm