Staff Profile: Roy Brady

What do you love about coffee?
The ritual aspect of it. I'm a person of routine. In college I was trying to form habits that supported good discipline and structure.  

What about the coffee bar/cafés?
I enjoy how cafes can build social communities, and how they can combine creativity and intellectualism within a single space.

Where can we find you outside of Blueprint?
South City, anywhere that serves vegan food, good local music, or exploring outside. That or I'm probably just staying in.

What do you like about living in South City?
Familiar faces and hospitality. The culture that is built from the freedom of self-expression and acceptance. The realness!

How long have you been skating and what keeps you skating?
About six years. I like the self-taught aspect of it. It's a good outlet for extra energy and I like all the different styles of skating.

You’ve also been doing a bit of DJing. What’s up with that?
I'm having fun with it. It's all just about trying to contribute and share music I'm stoked on with some good people.

What are your goals for 2017?
Travel a bit and better myself while doing it. Improve and focus in on my good habits and meet more people who lift me up! Taking 2017 one day at a time.

roy brady of blueprint coffee tamps espresso
roy brady of blueprint coffee pours a latte
roy brady of la marzocco inserts a handle of espresso into the linea
roy brady of blueprint coffee works a shift at the delmar coffee bar
Mazi Razani tracks roast development while roasting at Blueprint Coffee using the program Cropster.
roy brady of blueprint coffee rides his skateboard
roy brady of blueprint coffee works on the la marzocco linea pb