Staff Profile: Mikey Trieb

When did you first fall in love with coffee?
In college I made a mini-documentary about me staying awake for 3 days straight and my friend Arley was like, “Okay, you’re going to NEED coffee dude.” So, i started drinking it then out of necessity and that was when i first fell in love with coffee.

Favorite cafe. Why?
Besides Blueprint…I like Coma Coffee – interesting atmosphere. It feels like a rainy day in there no matter the weather outside, which is a good thing. The Mud House is also dope. It’s real close to my house!!


Favorite person to drink coffee with?
My main dawgs, Arley, Kiah, Sam, Steven, and Miles. Sometimes Abi and I get pumpkin drinks at Starbucks, so Abi! She also makes the list!! I’ll update it right now: (Main Dawgs): Arley, Miles, Kiah, Sam, Steven, and Abi.

Most memorable Blueprint experience?
Waking from a huge nap at home and then coming into work at 8pm thinking it was 8am.


What’s not fun about your job?
Getting screeched at for things that are not my fault! Though sometimes it is my fault.

Who inspires you?
Not so much “who” as it is “what,” which is The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith. Still waiting for the sequel.

What are your favorite places in St. Louis?
Typical stuff like Cherokee Street, STL Art Museum, and wherever my friends are “kickin it.” West County Mall is underrated. It’s not that far of a drive. Teriyaki Chicken at Sarku Japan makes it all worth it.

What is Mudslaps? How did it come about and where can we find it?
It’s an animal comic I made for my college’s monthly newspaper, you can dig up the archives at People at Blueprint liked them so much, they put some of the characters on officially licensed Blueprint Coffee merch!!


Do you play music? Why?
Yes, my parents force me to do it. My band’s music is on Spotify if you search for “Low Weather.”


What else do you enjoy outside of work?
Learning how to code. Other than that, I’ve been meaning to go fishing with Arley for years now. We don’t even fish.