Staff Profile: Janelle Johnson

Janelle Johnson has been a member of the Blueprint Coffee team for almost two years. During that time, she quickly earned the respect of her team with her positive attitude, strong work ethic, and great sense of humor. She's been a key part of our kitchen team and one of our shift leaders. Janelle will be soon be pursuing the next step in her career, but we thought it fitting to post this profile as a celebration of the great work, coffee, and relationships she's made during her time at Blueprint.

Janelle prepares drinks on the espresso bar at Blueprint Coffee Delmar.

What prompted your interest in coffee??
So, weirdly enough, I was working at the [St. Louis] Bread Co. on Grand (RIP) when I first took an interest in coffee. Making drinks there really peaked my curiosity. My sister also used to work in coffee and she gave me the push I needed to pursue it.

What are your passions outside of coffee?
Well, thanks to my quarter life crises, I've found my passions are doing a lot of shape shifting. Give me a good book, my super cute husband, or a very danceable song, however, and I'll see what I can do.

What do you hope to pursue next?

Are there any skills you learned in the coffee industry that carry over to other parts of your life?
How to work with white boys. (Am I allowed to say that? If not, just pretend I didn't answer).

What's the most rewarding thing about being a barista?
Learning how to pour almond milk! You think I'm joking, but that crap was way harder than it needed to be. I enjoy making things. Whether its 12 orders of the Eggs Florentine, a caramel latte at the [St. Louis] Bread Co., or the perfect pour-over, being able to take the work of your hands and give it to someone who will enjoy it is a lovely thing.

What will you miss most about working for Blueprint Coffee?
Blueprint is the best service job I've ever had. The owners are the bee's knees, Kevin and Abi are straight-up boss, and they do a good job of hiring good people. Being at Blueprint gives you the opportunity to form relationships with so many different types of people, and that is true beauty.

Janelle Johnson steams milk on the La Marzocco Linea PB at Blueprint Coffee Delmar.
Janelle Johnson pours a latte at Blueprint Coffee Delmar.