Staff Profile: Abi Svoboda

When did you first fall in love with coffee?
“My auntie commanded that I sip hers when I was tiny. “Try this. You won’t like it now, but you’ll love it when you’re older.” I obeyed, she was absolutely correct.”

Favorite cafe. Why?
“G&B, before their remodel— watching their bar work was like watching robots.”abi-2
Favorite person to drink coffee with?
“Nora Brady.”

Most memorable Blueprint experience?
“Stripping down with some of the team to swim out at Castlewood Park this summer. Rocks and dogs and sunshine and laughter and cursing and toughening up my bare feet.”
What’s not fun about your job?
“Working into that ninth hour stretch on a shift is either the VERY best feeling or the VERY worst.”

Who inspires you?
“My brothers inspire me with their generosity and humour; my sisters teach me to be bold and strong and smart as hell. ”
What are your favorite places in St. Louis?
“Forest Park, the U. City Library, my sister’s darling new apartment, my kitchens, and a rooftop I used to break into all the time when I was growing up. Shh.”

Abi Svoboda has been working in St. Louis coffee for the last four years. She leads the Blueprint kitchen, as well as serves as a shift leader on the coffee bar. She was the winner of our first annual espresso dial-in competition.