Nora Brady advances to USBC finals – watch tomorrow

We are very excited to inform you that Nora Brady, a co-founder and barista at Blueprint, has advanced to the final round of the United States Barista Championship.

Nora is competing this year using Victor Molano’s coffee. We selected it with this event in mind. The complex and inviting texture of this coffee has been the focus of Nora’s presentation.

Tomorrow (Sunday), Nora will compete in the final round of the competition, which starts at noon central time. She will be the fourth of six competitors and should compete around 2 p.m. central. The event can be watched online for free at

During her competition time, Nora will make each sensory judge an espresso, a cappuccino, and a signature beverage. Espresso, meyer lemon juice, macerated beet juice, turbinado sugar, and nitrogen dioxide make up Nora’s signature beverage, which is served in a long-stemmed flute.

We are very excited to have Nora in the finals. We feel it is a culmination of the energy focused around coffee in St. Louis over the last few years. Join us in cheering her on via twitter (@snackpackbrady)

We are currently selling her coffee from Victor Molano online and in-store. It will go fast after this event, so please get some while it’s still around.