Zesty Chickpea Sandwich

Chickpea salad sandwich with radishes, pecans, and grapes on brioche. Side salad with green dressing.


swedish pancakes with peach jam, maple syrup, and mascarpone whipped cream from Blueprint Coffee.

Swedish Pancakes

Topped with peach jam, maple syrup, and mascarpone whipped cream. [vegetarian]




Summer Lentil Porridge

Spiced lentils with poblanos, tomato, coconut, and sautéed spinach – all over grilled bread. Add egg for $1. [vegan w/o egg]



Eggs + Veggies

Poached egg, potato hash, sautéed veggies + mustard cream, with berries [vegetarian/gf]




Brioche Egg Sandwich

Over-easy egg, Salt + Smoke bacon, Marcoot cheddar + sweet onion jam on brioche + salad




Egg Biscuit

Over-easy egg, Marcoot Cheddar + Spicy tomato jam on a biscuit, with side salad [Vegetarian]




Granola Bowl

House made Granola [Oat, Chia, Pecan, Sunflower] served with seasonal fruit and choice of milk. Vegan with almond milk. [vegan/gf]