Tofu Scramble + Veggies

Scrambled Mofu tofu with roasted squash, sweet potatoes, and beets. Served with French Peasant toast and bok choy.  [vegan]



Swedish Pancake

Topped with blueberry-cardamom-maple compote, vanilla cream + whipped mascarpone. [vegetarian]




Lentil Porridge

Spiced lentils, tomato, coconut and sautéed spinach, Served with toast. Add egg for $1. [vegan w/o egg]



Eggs + Greens

Poached Egg, potato hash, sautéed veggies + mustard cream, with berries [vegetarian/gf]




Brioche Egg Sandwich

Over-easy egg, Salt + Smoke bacon, Marcoot cheddar + sweet onion jam on brioche + salad




Egg Biscuit

Over-easy egg, Marcoot Cheddar + Spicy tomato jam on a biscuit, with side salad [Vegetarian]




Granola Bowl

House made Granola [Oat, Chia, Pecan, Sunflower] served with seasonal fruit and choice of milk. Vegan with almond milk. [vegan/gf]