Blueprint Spotlight: Feast profiles Blueprint Coffee’s Radames Roldan

Radames Roldan, trainer and barista at Blueprint Coffee, was profile in a long-form piece in FEAST. Patrons of Blueprint know Radames as an enthusiastic personality of our company. He earned his current role as coffee trainer and wholesale rep by passionately pursuing all aspects of our company.

We hired Radames as our first employee in 2013. This was before even opening our doors on Delmar Blvd, so he started with painting. Eventually, his tenure behind the bar graduated him to trainer and salesman. The profile featuring him recognizes his great commitment not only to Blueprint, but also the St. Louis coffee community. FEAST nailed his engaging spirit writing, “His passion and drive for better understanding and improving his craft is palpable – talking to him, it’s easy to imagine how motivating he must be as a teacher behind the bar.”

Radames Roldan displayed passion and execution early at Blueprint Coffee. His 2014 win at the South Central Regional Barista Competition came as a surprise to Blueprint, Radames, and the national coffee circuit. An uncommon feat at such an early stage of a coffee career, it’s relieving to know that the reward of that win propelled him forward. Of the prize, an all-expenses paid trip to Colombia, FEAST writes, “Despite being a rising star in the regional coffee scene, Roldan says he wasn’t confident about coffee being his calling until that first origin trip to Colombia in 2015.”

The article quotes Radames saying, “That was the moment that changed my mindset.”

Friends of Radames will chuckle at his perfect day of eating in St. Louis. The article sites Kitchen Kulture, Comet Coffee, and Taqueria El Bronco.