ACLU fundraiser Feb. 3-5 in opposition of immigrant & refugee ban

We firmly stand in opposition to the current Executive Order banning refugees and immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries. It does not represent our values as Americans and members of an international industry.

Our industry relies on a diversity of cultures, careers, and people to exist. At Blueprint, we benefit greatly from freely traveling to many of our producer countries to learn about our supply chain and how we most positively impact all of the parties involved. We are constantly welcomed into our partners’ homes and communities.

Our business is hospitality. We warmly welcome all to our establishment on Delmar Blvd. to participate in this global coffee exchange. We do not wish to exclude anyone from our business based on nationality, religious creed, race, gender, or sex. Just the same, we wish to extend the same welcome to our worldwide partners in coffee production. The executive order bans some from coffee-producing countries and sends a strong, unwelcoming message to others.

But it’s about more than talk—that’s why this coming weekend, February 3rd through 5th , we’ll be joining 200+ coffee bars and counting around the United States to raise funds for the ACLU, the non-partisan liberty defenders challenging these illegal orders in court.

The international coffee publication has moved to organize this grass roots fundraising effort. In a statement announcing the action yesterday — read the full text at —Sprudge asserted, “Like a hot mug of drip coffee spilled on a crisp white apron, these orders are a dark stain on our national conscience, and as Americans we feel compelled to stand up against them. Fortunately there are heroes in these dark times. The United States is a nation of laws, not of men, and our government has three branches—Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. It is in this final branch where the battle is now being fought, by the thousands of lawyers organized and funded by the American Civil Liberties Union .”

Blueprint Coffee will donate 25% of sales from our coffee bar on Delmar Blvd. this coming Friday, February 3 through Sunday, February 5 to the ACLU. will match Blueprint’s donation up to $500.