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Finca Santa Elena, located in the Antioquia region, is the main farm for Café Roldan, which distributes roasted coffee nationally in Colombia. It is an impressive example of innovation and integration of farm resources. Santa Elena is located in the southwestern corner of Antioquia along the Farallones del Citará reserve. This forest reserve contains 45,000 acres of untouched forest and is native to a number of endangered birds species.

Café Roldan and the University of Antioquia worked together to establish and execute a sustainability plan which vertically integrates coffee pulp, composting, bio-fuels, and coffee drying at the farm.

Santa Elena was able to integrate coffee pulp as a source of bio-fuel. To the outsider, this may not seem like big issue, but a pile of coffee pulp (the skin and fruit from the cherry) can be a nuisance for the farm and environment. With this bio-fuel they are able to create a bio-nutrient for the soil and fuel to support a solar drying house.

This glass solar dryer has a temperature control system supported by the bio-fuel to control the rate of drying. This has a direct impact on this particular honey-processed coffee. Honey processing is when the skin is removed from the seed but the fruit is allowed to remain during drying. This is a difficult method to manage since the fruit is exposed. Sugar and moisture of the exposed fruit can grow mold or other pathogens if not managed properly. With the ability to continuously and gradually dry this coffee with the heat provided by the fuel from coffee pulp, Finca Santa Elena is able to better manage and control this stage of the processing.

Team taste notes: blueberry, plum, molasses, wine, oak, cardamom

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September – December 2017
Ally Coffee
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