San Pedro Necta



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Blueprint Coffee has now purchased coffee from ASDECAFE, a group of sustainable coffee associations, for many years. Last year, we started to move toward making more connections with the associations and the region of Huehuetenango through our partnership with Los Volcanes Inc. (formerly TG-Lab). While making these connections, the region and cooperative have gone through major transitions, both politically and organizationally. One of the resulting changes was the establishment of ASODESI, or the Association for Fundamental Development for San Pedro Necta. ASODESI is an offshoot association that helps consolidate the purchase of agricultural materials, provides medical assistance to its associates, and educates members in regards to farming, environmental conditions, and the coffee market. 

The farmers of ASODESI are distinct in that they are comprised of small to medium sized farmers. One aspect of their union is to establish a niche in the specialty market by dedicating themselves to environmentally sustainable practices. This area has a pattern of weather extremes starting with intense rain right after a long period of drought. This causes a delay in the maturing process of the coffee plants. This also causes issues with erosion. The farmers have come to accept the need to establish mulching programs timed with the extreme weather in order to prevent the loss of their soil.

Blueprint Coffee is directly contributing towards the efforts and stated goal of these farmers. In September of 2017, Los Volcanes and Blueprint Coffee hosted a day-long seminar to help improve their composting practices. These farmers are actively implementing organic methods, so Blueprint Coffee supported their efforts through a day of demonstrations, and a session where farmers shared ideas and current practices.

Team taste notes: caramel, brown sugar, graham, orange, cranberry, apple


1400 – 1850 MASL
Caturra, Pache, Bourbon
January – March 2018
Sourcing Partners:
Los Volcanes / InterAmerican
San Pedro Necta Cut Sheet
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