Penrose V.16



PENROSE (named after the triangle) is our “house” espresso. We feel the perfect espresso is an impossible goal, but we still strive to create it. PENROSE is our ever-updated offering in the quest for the perfect espresso. While the seasonal components at times may be single-origin, and at others a blend, it is always perfect for your hopper.

PENROSE also does well in the brewer – look for notes of lasting sweetness and heavy body, with a subdued acidity.

Version 16 is a blend of coffees from Colombia. The large percentage is from La Fragua. We’ve worked with the Sinisterra family multiple years, featuring coffees from Media Luna, La Fragua, and their variety garden. The coffee this year is extremely sweet with pleasant, juicy acidity. To round out the depth and sweetness in the espresso, we are featuring a red honey processed coffee from Inga Aponte Cooperative in Nariño, Colombia. We source this through our partners at Ally Coffee and have featured coffees from Inga Aponte in the past.


Producer 70%:
The Sinisterra Family
Country 70%:
Region 70%:
Importer 70%:
Atlas Coffee
Process 70%:
Producer 30%:
Inga Aponte Cooperative
Country 30%:
Region 30%:
Importer 30%:
Ally Coffee
Process 30%:
Red Honey
Colombia, Tabi, Typica, Yellow Catarra
June – November 2017
Penrose v16 Cut Sheet
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