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Geography has contributed to the regional personality and the taste characteristics of the coffee grown in Nariño. The steep mountains and deep canyons of the Andes mountain range move through this region. The section that moves through Nariño is know for its beauty and extremes. The steep, craggy mountains and canyons provided both a natural barrier for the Incan Empire from invaders from the north and also influenced the distinct flavor of coffee grown in this region. 

Nariño is located in southwest of Colombia along the border with Ecuador. In the south of Colombia, the Andes are know as the Nudo de Los Pastos. The mountains have provided seclusion to Nariño that has allowed the cultures of the region to maintain their heritage and customs, such as the old language, Quiche, and a unique wood crafting style.

The geography of this region also contributes to the unique coffee taste of Nariño. To begin with, Nariño is near the equator, which provides predictable and intense sunlight. The mountains of Nariño are also very high and steep. This altitude would prevent some growing regions from producing coffee due to freezing, but Nariño is able to prevent freezing due to the thermal transitions that occur in the evenings. During the day the sun is able to reach deep into the mountains due to the latitude. The craggy mountains and canyons absorb the sun’s heat throughout the day. In the evening, the heat, stored up in valley below, rises to prevent freezing. This unique dynamic, high altitudes, and a temperature range that supports slow and even development encourages higher sugar content development and sweet acidity. 

Team taste notes: orange cream, juicy body, dark chocolate, nutty, brown sugar, caramel, baking spice

1200 – 2100 MASL
Colombia, Castillo, Tabi
December 2018 – January 2019
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