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The economics of coffee throughout the value chain have become important talking points within the world of specialty coffee. With a growing focus on equity in all senses of the word in coffee, Ecuador sits in a particularly unique place when it comes to understanding the coffee market. A desire for high quality, affordable coffees directly impacts long-term sustainability and profitability for coffee producers. Coffee production in Ecuador pales when compared to neighboring producing countries. Still, Ecuador has taken strides to create a more equitable economy for all participants, including a drastically increased national minimum wage. This has meant that livable wages in the coffee labor sector are much more viable. So green coffee from Ecuador comes at a much higher cost. However, the growing reputation for quality coffees and remarkable variety production has paralleled an increase in specialty production supply, one outpaced by an increase in demand.

One of Ecuador’s most prominent ambassadors for the growing specialty market is Juan Peña, a producer whose coffee from his farm La Papaya we’ve had the privilege of showcasing before in both our café and in the 2016 U.S. Coffee Championship qualifying event. In the two harvest seasons that have passed since then, Juan Peña has continued to work toward producing coffees that are more than worthy of the price they command. For this producer it’s not enough to just produce good coffee, but to work toward continually improving even if his yield is relatively small. With a meticulous approach that includes data analysis comprised of all of the potential factors that may affect coffee quality, Juan Peña has produced award winning coffees season after season. Juan Peña and La Papaya demonstrate that quality coffee is not a matter of size, but of drive.

Team taste notes: lemon, tangerine, tropical fruit, kiwi, peach, sweet tarts, banana


Saraguro, Loja
2100 MASL
June – July 2017
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