Husen Adem



Husen Adem grows coffee in Sawana, Ethiopia. Recently, he inherited six hectares of land from his father. Now, he grows coffee there to support his young family. The Sawana Kabele is part of the larger Odo Shakiso, Guji region. His coffee expresses the fruity and funky notes that have made natural process coffees from Guji famous. The unique and intriguing notes come from a variety of factors: coffee cherry quality, processing quality, and intentional sourcing. This popular style of coffee encouraged collaborative sourcing in Ethiopia over the past two years.

Mike Marquard of Blueprint met Ture Waji in January of 2018. At the time, Ture’s aunt and uncle employed him as a representative of their coffee stations in Guji – Guji Highlands PLC and Mormora PLC. From this first meeting, Blueprint sourced Allona last year.

Since that harvest, Ture started his own company, Dambi Uddo Agro Industry PLC in the Dambi Uddo area of Guji. There, he buys fresh-picked cherry from local farmers, like Husen Adem. First, they buy only the best cherries. Then, they thinly spread them on top of raised beds to dry. As a result, risk of molding and rotting during the drying process is reduced. Additionally, it allows the sweet fruit flavors to be more present in the cup.

Currently, the station only employs the natural process for drying coffee from Husen Adem and other farmers in Shakiso, Ethiopia.

Gold and Tantalum make up Guji’s primary export. Coffee, however, is the major cash crop. Unfortunately, the two industries compete for land. The mining trade demands deforestation in Guji. So, the progressive stations in Guji, like Dambi Udo, Guji Highlands, and Mormora, promote reforestation with native trees.

Team taste notes: cherry, grapefruit, campari, orange, lemon, malt, molasses, berry

Odo Shakiso, Guji
2000 – 2173 MASL
October – December 2018
Sourcing Partners:
Dambi Uddo AI PLC (station), Atlantic Specialty (importer)
Husen Adem Cut Sheet
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