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Café Imports has been a rock solid importer for Blueprint Coffee since we were established in 2013. A large part of this has to do with their passion for Colombian coffee, particularly the region of Huila. We are also quite fond of Huila based on the frequency we feature coffees from this area. This preference is quite sincere as both Café Imports and Blueprint Coffee cup and select all coffees blind. In this case, we vetted two rounds of coffees before selection.

So what makes Huila so good? We ponder this question quite often and it drives our curiosity and passion for coffee. In this case I feel a chain of organizations and people have helped make Huila a great coffee growing region. I have already mentioned Café Imports. Their connection with Banexports has supported innovation in this region for many years. Particularly the work of Elkin Guzman, their lead agronomists, whose partnership with Café Imports and Banexports has helped improve and establish better processing practices in Huila. This work has lifted this region to the top of Colombian coffee auctions as well as producing some of the more notable coffees in the Specialty coffee world.

We are excited to share this regional offering with you. We believe it is an excellent example of the culture of coffee-excellence in Huila.

Team taste notes: pear, apricot, orange, cocoa

1200 – 2000 MASL
Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
December 2017
Café Imports
Huila Select Cut Sheet
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