This is the third year Blueprint has roasted Hambela from the Guji, Oromia region of Ethiopia. Hambela is the name of the farm owned and operated by METAD Agricultural Development PLC in Ethiopia. As we previously shared, Emperor Haile Selassie I gifted the property to Muluemebet Emiru for becoming the first female Ethiopian pilot in 1934. The land that was awarded to her is the current location of Hambela Estate. Her Grandson, Aman Adinew, has been pivotal in turning Hambela and METAD into quality leaders in Ethiopian coffee production.

METAD is the parent company that manages Hambela as its flagship coffee. It also sources coffees from other farms around Ethiopia and handles their processing and sale. Hambela is not sold through the ECX, but is licensed to sell directly to the specialty coffee market. Since Hambela is considered an estate and is able to manage and sell their coffee to appropriate markets at a good price, they are not at risk of being taken advantage of by “coyotes” like many small farmers that the ECX system protects.

This lot of Hambela is naturally processed, meaning the coffee cherry is dried with the seed inside the fruit. It guarantees little about the coffee because the rate at which the coffee is dried by using direct sunlight, temperature, airflow, and movement of the actual cherry greatly affects taste. The process of slowly bringing the coffee fruit to stable moisture content without allowing the fruit to take on acetic acid (vinegar-like) notes is extremely challenging. If dried too fast, the sweetness and fruit complexity is not absorbed into the seed. It is a careful combination of meticulous sorting and management that is risky. If done well, like this offering from Hambela, it is a great achievement that demonstrates unique and delicious traits inherent to a coffee.

We are proud to have this year’s lot of Hambela recognized as a Good Food Awards finalist.

Team taste notes: concord grape, chocolate, peach, lemon



Coffee Country:
Guji, Oromia
1900 – 2200 MASL
October 2016 – January 2017
Royal Coffee N.Y.
Hambela Cut Sheet
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