Finca Esperanza



Our collaboration with the Vizcaino Family at Finca Esperanza in Guatemala continues to yield awesome results.  This washed lot of Catuai starts off the 2019 harvests. During the 24-hour soaking stage, added CIMA yeast controls the microbial consumption of coffee fruit. This step originated during our 2016 yeast trials at Esperanza.



Writing about Finca Esperanza can feel repetitive as Blueprint enters into our fourth year buying coffee from the Vizcaino’s. Considering we frequently purchase multiple lots each year, their story is familiar to a lot of our customers. However, it’s a good moment to reflect upon the fruits of our partnership. Ana and her crew at Esperanza have been fearless and energetic in confronting the challenges of organic farming.

What we have experienced is a wonderful friendship and partnership maturing out of our work together. Nonetheless, there have been struggles and successes. The goal of Blueprint’s approach is that we work to help build a stronger partnership out of the struggles. Therefore, the love and mutual respect we have for each other is what we’d consider our greatest outcome.

We’re impressed with the continued focus on organic coffee by Ana and her crew. This focus continues despite pressure from Coffee Leaf Rust, unpredictable and extreme weather conditions, and opinionated coffee roasters.

Blueprint Coffee has supported their organic farming efforts through soil health and compost training. As Esperanza sought to control their processing, we helped them through the construction of their new mill, “Beneficio Don Chilo.” We also supported the design and training of their new solar drying house. Finally, this harvest is the first full harvest without learning how to manage the new mill and solar drying house. With this perspective, enjoy the new fruits of our now budding collaboration.

Team taste notes: graham, orange, brown spice, brown sugar, molasses, maple, nougat


Cerro Pecul, Suchitepéquez
1300 – 1400 MASL
24hr CIMA Yeast Maceration, fully washed
Nov. 2018 – Feb. 2019
Sourcing Partners:
Finca Esperanza (farm), Two Birds Coffee (importer)
Finca Esperanza Cut Sheet
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