Finca Esperanza



This year’s collaboration with the Vizcaino Family at Finca Esperanza has resulted in two exciting new lots. This one is a washed coffee that continues Blueprint Coffee’s use of Scott Laboratories’ CIMA yeast to improve control and consistency during the maceration phase and provide a control to better understand the influence of other aspects of processing. The use of the word “maceration” is not typical in the coffee industry, but is more accurate to describe the stage in processing of removing the fruit pulp. The typical term used is “fermentation.” This is when the skin is removed from the coffee cherry and the remaining fruit begins to break down before being washed off later in processing.

Our previous work at Finca Esperanza focused on comparing and observing the influence of maceration inoculated with and without yeast. This test allowed us to better understand the benefits and limitation of yeast and non-yeast maceration. It also allowed us to work together with Ana’s staff and establish protocols. We left that process with an appreciation for cleanliness during maceration.

Last year the Vizcaino’s also invested in a new beneficio (wet mill), which brought the challenge of larger scale implementation. This year, we sought to apply the lessons learned in the last years to this new system. The ability to run these tests on a smaller scale meant lower risk and lower investment before moving them to a larger scale in the new beneficio. This investment in time and experimentation prepared her staff for the expectations of specialty coffee processing and allowed them to focus mental energy into the use and maintenance of new equipment.

Team taste notes: graham, molasses, citrus, cherry


Cerro Pecul, Suchitepéquez
1300 – 1400 MASL
32hr CIMA Yeast Maceration
Nov. 2017 – Feb. 2018
Two Birds Coffee
Finca Esperanza Cut Sheet
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