Decaf Cauca, Colombia

$17.00 – $34.00


Decaf Cauca E.A., Colombia comes to us from the southwestern coffee growing region of Cauca, Colombia. Our importer, Café Imports, cups and assembles regional lots of coffee throughout Colombia. In addition, they specifically target lots for decaffeination. Then, they send the lots to a decaffeination plant in country to be decaffeinated. This minimizes aging due to time and carbon production from transit.

The facility in Colombia decaffeinated the coffee using ethyl acetate (E.A.) derived from locally-grown sugarcane. Traditionally misunderstood, the coffee industry casts a negative light on the decaffeination process. It is, in fact, a decaffeination process quite similar to most, and one we have found to leave the coffee tasting the best.

The fermentation process creates ethyl acetate, an organic compound. While it can be derived during grape fermentation, sugarcane is a much more ample source in Colombia.

The process to decaffeinate starts with an application of steam to the green seeds. Next, the decaffeination facility adds hot water, which allows the seeds to enter hydrolysis. In this phase, water interacts with compounds and causes them to break free. Then, they add ethyl acetate to the water, which is a solvent of caffeine. The solution passes through the beans until all but trace amounts of caffeine remain. Once decaffeinated, the facility flushes the seeds with a low pressure steam that removes the ethyl acetate. If omitted, a fruity taste from the ethyl acetate would remain. Lastly, the plant vacuum drys the coffee back down to a standard level of 10-12% moisture. The Decaf Cauca EA coffee leaves Colombia at 5ppm or lower ethyl acetate concentration. The roasting stage easily removes this amount.


banana bread, brown sugar, toffee, baking spice, pineapple, strawberry, orange

1200 – 2000 MASL
Washed, Sugarcane EA Decaf
Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
April – June 2019
Partnership Length:
1st harvest
Sourcing Partners:
Café Imports (importer)
Decaf Cauca EA Cut Sheet
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