Aristides Guarnizo, Colombia

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florals, strawberry, cherry, caramel



Soil biology plays a significant and highly misunderstood role in the process of supporting the health and nutritional composition of all plants. The relationship between soil biology and the plant is mutualistic, providing the nutrition to maintain plant health and to resist pests and disease. Terroir has been understood as the influence of climate, soil, terrain, and tradition. When we visited Aristides Guarnizo’s farm in the mountains of Tarqui in Colombia, we were able to see the direct influence of soil and its interaction with terroir.

This coffee is the product of a unique and truly natural process taught by Gustavo Ramirez Castaño. This is a self-supported cyclical process that fosters the health of the coffee plants, the flavor of the coffee, and possibly the health of the farmers.

The cycle begins with the creation of a compost tea concoction that is diluted and applied to the farm. This concoction supports plant health and the microbiological health of soil and plant surfaces, which then influences the fermentation process. Bacteria and yeasts grown and accumulated during fermentation create a culture similar to kombucha scoby, which smells wonderfully aromatic. The scoby is then introduced into the compost pile. After the pile has decomposed, the runoff becomes compost tea — thus completing the cycle and beginning again.

We are excited to share this bright, sweet coffee, which is the result of sustainable practices that support soil health and foster a quality product. Anticipate a medium-bodied cup with floral notes, along with hints of strawberry, cherry, and caramel.



Tarqui is a small, yet progressive, town in southern Huila. The Andes mountains run through Colombia, splitting into three ranges that run north to south. Tarqui sits between the central and eastern ranges, in the Magdelena River Valley. Fairfield Trading’s facility, located in this valley, provides an ideal location for year round harvest for growers near Tarqui, Huila.

Two years ago we traveled with Fairfield Trading Company to initiate a collaborative partnership in Colombia. Colombia boasts amazing and plentiful coffee farms. There is no limit to the potential of Colombia. This makes it a difficult place to choose and establish long-term partners. We interviewed our importer and exporter to identify a partner we felt would fit with Blueprint Coffee’s green buying vision. These conversations resulted in meeting the Guarnizo families. Their farms are located at 1800 MASL on the Cordillera Central. Further, we received an opportunity to learn more about how they approach farming and coffee processing.



The brothers, Aristides and Yaved, adopted the farming methods of Gustavo Ramirez Castaño. He uses an approach that incorporates a carefully managed anaerobic compost tea process. It intends to break down nutrients in order to assist in plant acquisition of nutrients. At first we were skeptical of this approach. However, upon seeing the health of the farms and tasting the results, we became more interested. What was even more surprising was how good the compost tea smells. Despite the use of compost and fresh manure in an anaerobic process, it has a dried cherry bourbon and sweet vanilla smell to it. We expected something more putrid and offensive. The Guarnizo’s take great care in managing their equipment and ingredients when preparing the compost tea, which is diluted, then applied to the farm.

This coffee comes from the farm of Aristides Guarnizo near Tarqui, Colombia. He is an energetic and passionate farmer who loves what he does. He says, “This is the fruit of my labor, and it’s made with lots of love every day. The effort we put into our work is great, and we do it each day because we hope you will fall in love with our coffee.” Follow him on Instagram @aristiguanizo




Tarqui, Huila
1800 MASL
April – June 2020
Relationship Length:
2nd Harvest
Sourcing Partners:
Aristides Guarnizo (farmer), Fairfield Training (Exporter), CCS (importer)
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