Oxo Venture French Press (8-cup)


The Oxo Venture “Good Grips” French Press embodies simplicity and ease at the core when it comes to making coffee. We’ve long loved the French Press as the easiest avenue to specialty brewing at home. Its method of brewing, unfiltered immersion, leaves an oily and slightly grainy texture in the cup. Many love that aspect of French Press brewing and don’t drink coffee any other way.

To brew, we’d suggest the following:

  • Grind 65 grams of coffee medium (not too coarse!)
  • Add 450g filtered water just off the boil
  • Give the grounds and water a slight stir to make sure all the grounds are saturated
  • Add another 450g water just off the boil (that’s 900g total!)
  • Place the lid on the press without plunging
  • Wait 4 minutes
  • Remove lid and stir the crust of grounds at the top, sinking all of them.
  • Wait another 4-10 minutes
  • Gently plunge and decant.
  • Enjoy!

Do you enjoy a filtered, cleaner cup of coffee? Then check out our V60 or Wave brewers.

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