Now Hiring: Apprentice Roaster

If the life of systematic evaluation of roasted coffee sounds appealing to you, then we have just the thing! Blueprint is hiring an Apprentice Roaster. Blueprint Coffee is a barista-driven coffee bar and specialty roaster. As a group we are dogged about serving specialty coffee to our consumers in a manner that is approachable but handled with professionalism. As an apprentice you will be working primarily with Andrew Timko, Mazi Razani and Mike Marquard; check us out on instagram: @coffeemonkstl; @mazirazani and @mikenorth to get a sense of who we are.

The responsibilities of an apprentice are varied, so we will provide an extensive training process to learn roasting methodology, essential barista skills, production training, and roaster maintenance. You don’t need coffee experience to apply, just the right attitude. Roasting is both creative and analytical. It requires a sense of wonder and inquiry that one never gets bored with. That’s the fun part. Coffee roasting also requires a bit of detachment from that sense of wonder to consistently execute the roast as intended. Roasting includes the additional support responsibilities listed below:

This is a full-time position requiring 40 hours per week. As for the benefits, the pay for this position will begin at $13 per hour. And you get to work with a great group of baristas and learn from passionate coffee people.

To apply for the position, start by filling out our Apprentice Roaster Survey.