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Coffee Origin Profile: Ethiopia

July 26 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

This coffee origin profile features the home of Coffea Arabica, Ethiopia.

This coffee origin profile features Ethiopia, the birthplace of Coffea Arabica. From its beginnings as a fruit consumed in western Ethiopia to the modern times of producing 90-point-plus green coffees, the Ethiopian coffee crop never fails to disappoint.

Our travels in 2018 brought us to Ethiopia for the first time. It was then that we laid down roots that are starting to bloom with 2018-2019 harvests. The presentation explores the people, processes, and logistics that bring great coffees from Ethiopia to Blueprint.

First, we share the basic history of coffee in Ethiopia. Next, we’ll explain farming and cooperatives. We then devote a good amount of time to sharing videos and photos covering both washed and natural processing. Last, we touch upon the relationships and partners we’re forming in Ethiopia.

We dedicate a small amount of time to discussing some of the challenges and politics affecting trade. However, we do not possess the expertise to properly diagnose or remedy these issues. We share them as part of our dedication to transparency.

The coffee origin profile on Ethiopia includes samples of any Ethiopian coffees we currently offer at Blueprint. Additionally, we invite everyone, coffee bar guests and wholesale partners, to attend this profile.



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