Penrose V.14



PENROSE (named after the triangle) is our “house” espresso. We feel the perfect espresso is an impossible goal, but we still strive to create it. PENROSE is our ever-updated offering in the quest for the perfect espresso. While the seasonal components at times may be single-origin, and at others a blend, it is always perfect for your hopper.

PENROSE also does well in the brewer – look for notes of lasting sweetness and heavy body, with a subdued acidity.

For v14, we’re happy to bring you a blend based on years of relationships and Penrose blending. 78% of the blend is from a group of farms in Antigua, Guatemala that have been owned by the same family for two generations. The coffee from all three of these farms is processed by our partners, TG-Labs, at their Nueva Esperanza mill. The collection of coffees we’re using are from the early harvest that Andrew Timko, our green buyer, was able to cup when he visited in January. It is sweet and lactic, with notes of soft fruit. In addition, we’re adding 22% of a natural-process lot from the COMSA cooperative in Marcala, Honduras. We’ve used this coffee in some of our very favorite versions of Penrose. It is sweet, syrupy, funky, and fragrant. Together, the coffees present and dynamic and heavy-bodied espresso.


Producer 78%:
Fincas de San Carlos
Country 78%:
Region 78%:
Importer 78%:
InterAmerican Coffee
Process 78%:
Producer 22%:
COMSA Cooperative
Country 22%:
Region 22%:
La Paz, Marcala
Importer 22%:
Royal Coffee N.Y.
Process 22%:
Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica
December 2016 – April 2017

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